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About Me

I am a New York based actor born and raised in Austin, TX. Don't have much of an accent but that southern twang will manage to sneak out on a few occasions. I come from a huge family back at home and carry them with me everywhere I go. 


I am a BIG advocate and firm believer that art heals. I also LOVE the process of collaboration. I thinks it's one of the greatest forms of art that exists. It's such an important step for connecting with our community. This form of unity through creation can heal, build, embrace, and do so much more. That's why I always remind myself that it's truly a privilege and a blessing to say that I am an actor. (I will step off my soap box now)


I have lived in New York for about 7 years now including my college years where I received training from Cap21/Molloy University's musical theatre BFA program. I graduated in the spring of 2020. Took a brief hiatus from New York (bet you can guess why) but have been happily in Brooklyn ever since. 

Way back before college I started out at the McCallum Fine Arts Academy high school in Austin, where I received my certificate in vocal performance and advanced training in music theory and part singing. I have eleven years of choir experience and a strong sight-singing background. I was also a member of the Pre-Professional Program at ZACH Theatre where I had more musical theatre focused training. 


Post college I took to learning how to produce and record my own music along with making covers which has been one of my new favorite hobbies! Other hobbies include painting, LEGO, screaming at the t.v. (Football and soccer), community-based performance, reading comic books, video games, playwriting, and music composition. I am also a HUGE fan of classic Spielberg films, everything 80's, and I can make you a killer playlist of any genre!

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